The reason we have heating and air conditioning in our homes and workplaces is to be comfortable. Unfortunately many buildings are not and that’s usually because the equipment wasn’t properly sized or a properly designed duct system wasn’t included when the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning) system was initially installed or replaced. It can also be the result of old ductwork which has deteriorated, become moisture laden or just leaks in the unconditioned space.

In the mid-20th century, yes the 1900’s, modern heating as we know it was typically sized by plumbers using a rule of thumb method. Oil and gas were cheap and heating units were most often oversized. Later in the 1970’s and 80’s central air conditioning became more affordable and even though HVAC contractors were becoming more educated in the science of heat transfer, old methods were still being practiced. Not until the turn of the century were there government regulations requiring proper equipment selection and duct design.

A properly designed and sealed air duct system will provide many years of optimal comfort and will outlast several equipment replacements. In addition it will operate more efficiently and effectively and you won’t be breathing fiberglass particles which tend to enter the airstream when the integrity of the duct is compromised.

Many homes and offices have additions which were not part of the original structure and someone added to the existing duct system to provide comfort. That usually results in a robbing Peter to pay Paul scenario. We can fix those problems and make it comfortable again.

Before you replace your existing HVAC equipment make sure that the duct system is designed and sealed properly.


I expected it to cost much more and the young man you sent to fix it was polite and found the problem quickly.

- Francis
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware