york wifi controlYour heating & cooling system is at the center of what makes your home comfortable and where you spend most on energy. Engineers have developed thermostats with intelligence designed to be the heart of a smarter home–a home where comfort and energy savings go hand-in-hand.

We take pride in providing the best for all areas of home comfort. This includes modern thermostats which boast some snazzy features over thermostats of the past!

Innovative thermostats with intuitive screens which are fully upgradeable and as updates become available you’ll be able to push the capabilities of your control even further.

Custom control and scheduling

Bright, colorful icons guide you to every important system function with just a simple touch. Create heating and cooling schedules to save energy when no one is home using either guided or manual setup.

Live weather and dealer contact

The control uses your wireless network to gather and display live weather data, including forecasts, radar images and weather alerts. If your system needs routine maintenance or repair, the control can display your dealer’s contact information for greater convenience.

Energy efficient

Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and your system use over time to better manage energy and comfort.

Air quality

The control will remind you when filters need to be changed, and alert you if maintenance is required. The cleaning cycles act as a temporary boost to your air filtration.

Remote access

Accessible at home or from anywhere by internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s simple to use, the iPhone®, iPad® or Android® mobile screen of the control in your hand looks like the control on the wall.

As you can see, these features are pretty cool. We offer this thermostat and others for better indoor comfort control. Call us today, or schedule a free in-home estimate to learn more about the indoor comfort systems we offer. We’re ready to enhance the quality and efficiency of your indoor comfort!


I expected it to cost much more and the young man you sent to fix it was polite and found the problem quickly.

- Francis
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware