ductless heat pumpIf you've been heating or cooling a living space that doesn't have access to ducting with a noisy window unit, we have great news for you. Ductless heat pumps, also known as 'mini-splits', can provide quiet, efficient comfort to one or more areas without ducting.

The origin of ductless systems comes from cities in Asian countries where space is at a premium. In Hong Kong for example with the price of real estate, the footprint of a phone booth can cost the equivalent to over a million U.S. dollars. Ductless heat pump outdoor units are often mounted on the exterior walls and on roofs of buildings to save space.

There are additional benefits to ductless over ducted heat pumps. They are much more efficient and recent developments in ductless technology has prompted American manufacturers to duplicate their foreign counterparts to increase the efficiency in their own systems. Ductless heat pumps also enable you to zone areas of your home at different temperatures with only one outdoor unit.

Like conventional heat pumps there is a unit outside and one or more units inside. The indoor units are whisper quiet and aesthetically pleasing. They can be mounted on the wall, in the ceiling or hidden in small concealed spaces. Some models are actual picture frames capable of displaying your favorite 24 inch picture or artwork.

Ductless heat pumps are ideal for 3 season rooms, garages and living space above them, workshops, finished basements and the list goes on. They are the most versatile heat pump systems available.

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