york heat pumpHeat pumps look identical to and functions as an air conditioner in the summer (see Air Conditioning) however, a heat pump reverses the process in the winter. Instead of removing heat energy from indoor air and moving it outside, it removes heat energy from outside and transfers it to the inside. Sound crazy? It’s true! Heat pumps are all electric, and are able to be used for heating a home in our milder winter climate.

When temperatures fall below a balance point, temperature whereas the heat loss of a structure exceeds the heat pumps ability to maintain the set temperature, then electric resistance heat assists the heat pump. Electric resistance heaters are sometimes referred to as back-up heat and are located in the indoor component or air handler. Instead of electric back-up heat, heat pumps can be used in conjunction with gas or oil heaters also known as a hybrid system.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Had I listened to the other company I would have paid thousands to replace my heat pump instead of a few hundred to fix it.

- Amy
Frankford, Delaware