Sometimes, the decision to heat by gas, oil or electric is a tough one - especially in rural areas where natural gas isn't an option. Propane and oil heating can be pricey. So what's the solution? A Hybrid Heat system. It combines the best of both worlds to keep your gas or oil and electric heating bills as low as possible.

In combining a heat pump and furnace with intelligent controls, this unique system is unbelievably efficient and very smart. The system gauges the outside air temperature and then selects the fuel source that's most cost-efficient for the conditions.

In cool weather, for example, using your furnace may be overkill and an electric heat pump could be all you need to heat your home. The system recognizes this — engaging your heat pump to save on fossil fuel use which can, ultimately, save you money.

When temperatures start to drop into the frozen popsicle range outside, a heat pump may not cut it and the furnace becomes necessary. No problem. Your system will shift modes, never missing a beat to keep your home a cozy, barefoot paradise.


You guys rock…….and your repair rates are a lot less than we pay in Baltimore.

- Jordan
Baltimore, Maryland & Long Neck, Delaware