york package unitA typical air conditioning and heating system found in most Delaware area homes is called a “split system” because part of the equipment (air conditioner or heat pump) is located outside, and everything else is locating inside the home, crawlspace, basement or attic. Sometimes due to space constraints or construction, it’s not possible to house the indoor components inside. This is when a packaged system can be the answer.

Packaged systems contain everything needed to condition the air in your home in a single footprint installation that is either mounted on the roof, or on a pad in the yard. Packaged systems can be cooling only or cooling and heating including all electric or electric and gas options.

So why wouldn’t everyone in Delaware use a packaged system? Because they’re not as efficient as a normal split system. Granted, they can be an ideal solution when indoor components are not possible, but it does cost more to stay cool with packaged vs. split system.


You guys rock…….and your repair rates are a lot less than we pay in Baltimore.

- Jordan
Baltimore, Maryland & Long Neck, Delaware