In the Delaware heat, your facility and/or business relies on a solid, dependable air conditioning system. Likewise for heating in the cold of winter. Your monthly operating costs rely on an efficient HVAC system. We help with both of these areas by providing top-quality design build, maintenance, repair, retrofit and installation services. We know that commercial applications cannot tolerate unscheduled downtime. Trust us to keep you comfortable in a timely manner!

Our customized commercial maintenance plans will provide the right maintenance at the right time based on the use of your systems and the demands for your comfort. For example, a busy office or store requires more frequent maintenance tasks performed than that of a church with occupants for a few hours each week. We will create a maintenance schedule based on your needs to keep your HVAC systems operating at peak performance and efficiency year round.

1st State Comfort provides HVAC service and maintenance to retail businesses, office buildings, churches, private schools and many other commercial and institutional customers in Southern Delaware. Facilities that utilize residential and light commercial HVAC systems to provide comfort for their buildings. Those customers benefit by having our training and experience to fix their problems without the high cost of technicians trained at higher levels, better suited for larger institutional and industrial applications. There’s no need to pay for technical capabilities that only put a burden on your operating budget.


I expected it to cost much more and the young man you sent to fix it was polite and found the problem quickly.

- Francis
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware