Have you ever had it happen to you? Maybe it was on a weekend and you were hanging out at home with family or friends. Someone says “it’s hot in here.” and you think “Not a problem” while sauntering over to the thermostat. However, to your surprise, the thermostat is set correctly! A quick check of the vents…warm air. In no time your home is a sauna. We’ll get your home cool again in no time.

Nobody likes the word repair. Whether it has to do with your car, boat or computer, it typically means time and money right down the proverbial drain. Sometimes an old or neglected HVAC system will break down in the middle of a freezing cold winter night or hot and humid summer day and that can be quite the emergency. Inexperienced contractors will often replace equipment that doesn't need replacing because they just don't have the knowledge to properly troubleshoot. That costs a homeowner a lot of extra money for no reason -- don't become a statistic! 1st State Comfort has the technical knowledge required to do the job right, every time. We remove the sting of a repair need by providing fast service and accurate repair work. We fix the true problem, and protect your time and money.

1st State Comfort is an air conditioning and heating company who services all brands and types of air conditioning and heating systems. We will provide you with a price up front for any repairs and have your system working again in short order and as painless as possible. Call us today to arrange an appointment at 302-381-5664.


I couldn’t believe our highest electric bill all summer was under $120.00 and we never turned off the air conditioner.

Ocean View, DE