Sometimes overlooked, seasonal maintenance on your HVAC system is critical to ensure efficient and reliable service. Imagine skipping oil changes on your car -- would it break down after the first missed appointment? Most likely not. In fact, your car might start up every morning for a very long time. However, fuel efficiency will begin to suffer, and eventually you'll be stranded on the side of the road during a hot and humid Delaware day or a frigid winter night.

Properly maintained, heating and air conditioning systems should provide between 12 to 20 years of reliable service. However, many systems have problems much sooner due to a neglect in maintenance. This is especially true in our salty coastal environment. We offer cost effective seasonal tune-ups for your indoor comfort system that will not only help protect your investment, but protect system efficiency so your utility bills stay as low as possible and provided the level of comfort you desire.

There are many ways to define peace of mind, but one is definitely a comfortable, healthy home for you and your family. A heating and air conditioning system will not pick a mild spring or fall day to give you problems. On the contrary, problems will often surface during weather extremes when your system is working the hardest. Days when a problem is a bit of an emergency!

1st State Comfort service technicians have the knowledge and experience required to maintain any make and model of equipment. We’re the contractor to call for thorough preventive maintenance to help protect your investment!

Our Priority Service Plan

  • 1st State Comfort offers a Priority Service plan for our customers that includes many things to protect your indoor comfort systems.
  • Spring maintenance
  • Fall maintenance
  • Prioritized response for service
  • Discounts on repairs

When you have your home on a priority service plan with 1st State Comfort, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll be available when you need us the most! Let us help you protect your investment with maintenance and top-quality service.

For more information simply call us at 302-381-5664. You can also download our Priority Service Plan


I expected it to cost much more and the young man you sent to fix it was polite and found the problem quickly.

- Francis
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware